Catty Comebacks

No, not that kind of comeback. We’re talking about coming back in the karmic, next life sense…as a cat.


Who wouldn’t want to come back as a cat? No animal on earth has it better. While we have expectations of dogs to fetch, beg, sit and heal, we ask virtually nothing of cats. Because, really, what good would it do?! Cats prowl to the beat of their own padded paws. Perhaps they know they are the anointed ones, which would explain their haughty disregard for, well, pretty much everything. Cats don’t take any guff. Cats rule.


Felines are hunters, protectors, observers. They are acrobats and entertainers, the ultimate players. Nothing and no one appreciates a simple ball of yarn, a crawly bug, or a moving spot of light the way a cat does. They are endlessly curious; until naptime, of course, and they are champions of that pastime as well. (Cats know a human lap was designed specifically as the perfect place to curl up on for a snooze. They don’t care if you are in your favorite lounge chair or working on the computer at your desk. If the lap is there, it is theirs. Period, end of discussion. Thank you for not moving, human of mine.)


Imagine being that beloved cat belonging (and we use that term very loosely) to a first time pet owner, a young adult on her own, coming home after a long day’s work to her precious kitty. You’re scooped up and stroked and cooed to. You’re forgiven almost immediately for the upended potted plant on the floor. You’re fed and petted and adored; just for being furry, funny, adorable you.


Whether or not any of us will ever get to see life from a cat’s point of view, those of us who have shared this life with one or more feline friends know how special that relationship can be.


Honor your pet’s memory with a one-of-a-kind piece of memorial jewelry -- and wrap your kitten around your finger the way she wrapped you around hers.